Admitting Privileges

Admitting Privileges is a three-part series on the debate over lawmakers and the University of Texas at Austin's admissions process. Our coverage also includes a timeline on the tensions in the UT system. You can read more higher education coverage here or subscribe to our education newsletter here.

 Marjorie Kamys Cotera / Bob Daemmrich

Political Landscape Shifts as Hall Inquiry Continues

As a lengthy legislative investigation of University of Texas System Regent Wallace Hall appears to be nearing an end, the 2014 elections and developments at the University of Texas System are adding new twists.

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 Graphic by Bob Daemmrich / Todd Wiseman

Timeline: Years of Tension in the UT System

We have updated our timeline on the conflict between the University of Texas System, the University of Texas at Austin and the Texas Legislature to include the latest developments, including a new investigation into UT-Austin's admissions process.

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 Graphic by Bob Daemmrich / Marjorie Kamys Cotera

Admissions Inquiry Takes Center Stage in UT Saga

Of University of Texas System Regent Wallace Hall’s allegations of misconduct at UT-Austin, none has gained as much traction as his assertion that there is "secret favoritism" for the politically connected in admissions.

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