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Brandon Formby

Brandon Formby was born on the South Plains, but grew up in Plano as it grew up. His passion for writing ignited in kindergarten, the instant he learned how to read. Stints on the high school yearbook and newspaper staffs eventually followed. Formby returned to Lubbock to study journalism at Texas Tech University. After graduation, he joined The Dallas Morning News, where he worked in several roles during a 13-year stint. His stories exposed a suburban mayor’s use of public funds on personal expenses before she killed her teenage daughter and then herself; shined a light on how the people of West, Texas used grit and grace to withstand the grief of a deadly fertilizer plant explosion; and unraveled the shaky logic and disingenuous reasoning underpinning Dallas’ now-abandoned plans to build a traffic-inducing toll road through a floodplain. He joined The Texas Tribune as its first Dallas-based urban affairs reporter in 2016. His stories highlighted the mounting housing affordability woes that the state’s economic growth belies; chronicled how tension between Texas’ rural roots and unbridled urban growth is coming to a head with plans for a Dallas-Houston bullet train; and detailed how state and federal officials’ attempts to reinvent disaster recovery delayed Texans’ abilities to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey. He became the Trib’s night news editor in 2019.

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